Loukas Morley

Loukas Morley is a Cambridge-based artist and designer who I met at a group exhibition in Cambridge in 2014. Since then I arranged to photograph Loukas as part of an ongoing project to document artists and the environments in which they work. Loukas kindly let me into his studio and workshop, where he produces some of his furniture designs and paintings, and there I saw some of the experimental and craft processes behind his work. He has recently worked with the Espresso Library in Cambridge and has a selection of works on show there at the moment. For more information on Loukas's work, see the links below.

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Espresso Library
UpDown Gallery
World Interiors News Blog: Loukas Morley
Celeste: Loukas Morley

The artwork reproductions pictured above are provided courtesy of Loukas Morley and are protected by copyright. All other photographs are copyright © Josh Murfitt 2015. Please do not copy or reproduce without permission.