Level Ground: New Exhibition Opening Soon

I am happy to announce that a new exhibition of my photography will be opening at The Edge Café in Cambridge this July. I have been working on this during the past few months, visiting sites around Cambridge to make long exposures with a large format pinhole camera.

The process involves using a camera which can only take one sheet of film at a time, and must be unloaded and reloaded in a light-sealed bag with each photograph. As the pinhole lets in only a small amount of light, every photograph taken with this camera must be a long exposure, ranging from just a few seconds up to a minute or more. As such, any movement within the frame, including passing traffic, running water or moving foliage, will become a blur, sometimes disappearing completely.

The capturing of an extended moment in time, as well as the gradual seasonal change between winter and spring, relates to the theme and process of recovery, which is the central concern of the venue for this exhibition, the recently opened Edge Café on Mill Road. The Edge Café is a local community recovery hub, providing "a beautiful, safe, warm, drug & alcohol free space and community to anchor people in the sustained recovery they need to gain and maintain access to housing, social & health services, healthy relationships, education and employment."

A private view of the exhibition will be held on the 11th of July. Details will be shared in due course via social media. The exhibition will be open to the public during normal café opening hours, from 10th July - 2nd September. For any further information, please get in touch.