Level Ground: Cambridge Pinhole Photography, 2017

Level Ground takes as its starting point a traditional photographic process - that of pinhole photography - and applies this technique to the documentation of some lesser known, and some more familiar, landmarks and scenes around Cambridge. Presented chronologically, the exhibition spans the period between February and June, as the environment recovers from winter, giving way to spring and summer. In this way, the resulting series relates to the theme of collective recovery, and to one of the central components of a recovery process: the passing of time. Not only does the series as a whole represent a passage of time, and a process of recovery, but each individual picture is also a record of a prolonged moment in time. A still image produced in this way effectively removes any extraneous activity from a scene. It is often by slowing down, reducing stressors and prioritising the essentials of life that a recovery process can begin. Importantly, the recovery represented here is one that is experienced collectively. A community endures the same conditions of darkness and cold weather that are imposed by winter, and also enjoys the uplifting arrival of spring and summer as a whole. By picturing some of the public spaces around the city, this exhibition focuses on the wider community of Cambridge, from its traditional centre to its more rural outskirts, and the residential tributaries in-between.

Level Ground was exhibited at the Edge Café, Cambridge between 10th July and 2nd September 2017.

Prints from this series are available to buy online via this link.