Edinburgh-based photographer specialising in the documentation and digitisation of works of art, cultural artefacts, photographs, archives, exhibitions, installations, arts events and performances.

Since 2013, Josh has worked with a wide range of clients including artists, arts organisations, galleries and museums. He has been professionally trained in handling sensitive and fragile objects and archival materials at the University of Cambridge, where he worked for 5 years as Photo Collections Assistant at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. He also worked for 2 years as a photographer for the Art UK sculpture project in the East of England. He has worked in a variety of different locations, using portable studio and lighting equipment and adapting to available space. Josh's photographs of artworks and cultural artefacts have featured in a range of publications including major exhibition catalogues and academic books.

Past clients include Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge Museums, Art UK, Jupiter Artland, New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge Open Studios, The Holburne Museum, St John's College School (Cambridge) and Anglia Ruskin University.

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Photographs by Rhona Taylor


Photography of 2D and 3D objects and artworks including paintings, prints, sculptures and installations


Specialist knowledge of digitisation processes for flat copy work including books, manuscripts and photographs


Capturing candid moments of interaction and engagement between audiences, artists and performers at arts events


Colour correction and retouching to publication standards with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Standard rates for 2021


* rates temporarily lowered due to COVID-19 pandemic
** rates negotiable in some circumstances; please enquire

Photography of artworks and digitisation; exhibitions and installations


0-1 hours: £140
2 hours: £170
3 hours: £200
Half day (4 hours): £230
5 hours: £260
6 hours: £290
7 hours: £320
Full day (8 hours): £350

A rough estimate can be given as to the number of artworks or images which may be photographed in a given time frame. As there are so many variables in each project, such as the sizes and accessibility of objects, and the location or space required for photography, numbers can vary considerably between different projects.

Photography of events and performances

0-1 hours: £140
2 hours: £190
3 hours: £240
4 hours: £290
5 hours: £340
6 hours: £390

I aim to produce a minimum of 25 images per hour (NB this is after I've made a selection of my best photos to send to you). In practice, I can often deliver more than this. The number of photographs I can capture depends on the situation.

Studio hire

When possible, photography can take place at your own studio; however, if there is not enough space for the portable studio set-up, it may be necessary to hire a local studio. Any studio hire will be charged at cost price, in addition to the standard photography fees. The possibility of working in your own studio depends on the size and shape of the available space, and the size and accessibility of your artworks.

Post-production work

Additional rates are incurred for post-production work in some circumstances. The standard fee includes basic colour correction and cropping of images. Detailed Photoshop work is subject to a retouching fee of £25/hour. This includes things like cutting around edges or removing objects from backgrounds, and removing blemishes.

Retouching fee (per hour): £25

Delivery fees

Images can be delivered via Dropbox/WeTransfer, on DVD-R discs or a USB flash drive.

Images on Dropbox/WeTransfer: free of charge
Images on DVD-R (per disc): £5
Images on USB flash drive: costs vary according to size required

All prices include first class postage within the UK.

Travel and Accommodation

Travel beyond a 15-mile radius from Edinburgh city centre: £0.45/mile

Accommodation costs may need to be covered for larger jobs outside of Edinburgh.

Contact for a Quote

Edinburgh, Scotland

joshuamurfitt [at] me.com

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