Land, Sea and Sky: Part II

When I stayed on the small island of Mousa in Shetland in 2015, photographing Land, Sea and Sky and The Science of Birds, I also spent several days exploring the Mainland. My view of the place, its dramatic scenery and natural phenomena, was brief, though it strongly appealed to my love of wide, open spaces, moors, rocky coasts and sandy beaches, watching birds and exploring the outdoors with my camera. It's important to say that my photographs of this island are those of a tourist or, at best, a travelling photographer, and I knew then, and still know, very little about life in Shetland. For what they're worth - which may not be much - these are the images I made whilst exploring the Mainland, of its land, sea, sky, flora and fauna. Their meaning is immaterial, rooted in mind, spirit and memory as much as in the physical environment.

With thanks to those who enabled my trip to Shetland in 2015, and who welcomed and accommodated me there.