Meet Me at the Museum: Jack Lowden

Recently the Art Fund commissioned me to photograph the recording of their latest Meet Me at the Museum podcast. The episode features actors Jack Lowden and Andrew Rothney (who you may know from the 2018 film Mary Queen of Scots, among other things) at the National Museum of Scotland (NMS) in Edinburgh.

Along the way they chatted about Scottish history, typewriters, museums and other recollections and impressions of the collections and displays at NMS. In these photos they can be seen speaking with Dr Anna Groundwater, Principal Curator, Renaissance and Early Modern History at NMS.

It was a great pleasure to photograph this event and the podcast itself is well worth a listen for a light-hearted and entertaining take on Scottish history and visiting the National Museum of Scotland. It can be found on the Art Fund website via this link, or your own choice of podcast streaming service.