SHINDIG arts collective rehearsal in St Paul's Church, Cambridge

A few weeks ago I was invited to join the performing arts collective SHINDIG at St. Paul's Church in Cambridge, as they rehearsed and recorded poetry and music due to be performed at an event in June. SHINDIG organiser Wesley Freeman-Smith, photographer (and this time piano player) Matt Widgery and poets Nikki Marrone, Tim Knight and Uppahar Subba met for a run-through of poems, improvised music and a live video stream on Facebook. While that was going on, I was quietly taking photos of them doing their collective thing.

Update, Feb 2021: since I first published this blog post in 2016, SHINDIG disbanded and formed a new performing arts collective, Colliding Lines. They can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud. Some of the photographs I made back in 2016 were used by the group for a limited edition EP, poetry pamphlet and postcard set, the Poetry & Piano EP.