St Abb's Head

We set off for a walk at St Abb's Head on a bright sunny day in early June. The clifftops were lined with pink thrift, and the cliff themselves were busy with nesting gulls, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars.

The views from the cliffs are impressive, to say the least. We sat for a while by the lighthouse just looking out at the sea and watching rows of gannets fly past. I wished I'd brought my big camera and lens; there were a couple of pairs of razorbills sitting on the cliffs just a few metres away from the edge, which would have made for a great photo. Alas, I'd only packed my travel camera.

Leaving the cliff edges and walking inland on the return route to St Abbs village, we passed through some fields which were looking particularly green; even more so with a polarising filter on my lens. The wind flowed through the crops like fur. One of those occasions where still photography didn't quite capture what was witnessed; video might have done better.

Back in St Abbs village, we had ice cream sitting on a bench looking over the harbour, and wandered around the harbour walls, watching and listening to the waves, talking about how we might like to live by the sea.