Water of Leith / Warriston

The weather has been so nice recently that I've been suffering FOMO if I can't get outside. So yesterday, although I didn't really have much of a plan, I walked down to the Water of Leith with my camera. I'm occasionally returning to this subject as it's one of the nearest places I can go to feel like I'm exploring nature in the city. It always has that urban edge about it, whilst at the same time being a place you might see interesting wildlife such as dippers, kingfishers and, apparently, otters. I did see a kingfisher yesterday, for the first time along here, which was a great bonus. I also felt nervous about being there with my tripod and camera set up; an easy target for anyone who might be inclined to steal anything valuable from me. It's sad that you should have to feel that way in such a beautiful place, but that's inner city living for you, I guess.

After spending some time by the water, generally in one little place near St Mark's Park, I walked round to the old railway path, and was stopped in my tracks by a tree covered in catkins and the moody sky behind it. So I got my camera and tripod out again and made a few photos before the light changed.

I don't always use a tripod because it makes me feel extra self-conscious, especially in public places, but I really think it helps me to slow down and think more about how I compose my pictures. I spend more time with one subject before moving on to the next thing, and that's definitely helpful in a world where everything moves so quickly. I recently acquired a new tripod, a Manfrotto Befree GT XPRO, which is small, light and sturdy all at once. It's perfect for walking about with, and maybe this will mean I'll use one more often.