The Limes

Three generations of my family lived in The Limes. I first saw the house after my Great Uncle Philip passed away. Only a few years earlier, Philip and his wife Rosemary had left The Limes to live in care homes, leaving their possessions behind. Through speaking to family and friends of Philip I hoped to learn something about the house, my family, and the way life has changed in the Cambridgeshire Fens over the last century.



The Limes was self-published in 2018; the first edition was a small print run of 35 copies. It features in the Photobookshow archive and was exhibited at J Book Show as part of Cork Photo Festival 2018.


In 2019 I produced an installation of this project, featuring some of the photographs from the book along with sound recordings of family members recalling memories of The Limes and the people who lived there.