Islands of Birds

I made these photographs around a small number of remote island seabird colonies. In 2017 I was offered a rare opportunity to join a group of expert natural history guides on an expedition cruise between Leith, Edinburgh and Reykjavík, Iceland. I was lucky enough to see and set foot on some spectacular remote islands along the way, which are either sparsely inhabited or even uninhabited by humans, being more the domains of seabirds. The birds which nest on these sites seek out these remote locations precisely because they are far away from people and industry, the effects of which can be harmful and damaging to their chances of survival. The islands featured include Bass Rock and the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, Noss in Shetland, and the small islands of Grímsey, Vigur and Flatey in Iceland. These images are records of my encounters with the wildlife in these amazing, isolated locations.

Islands of Birds was exhibited in 2018 at The Edge Café, Cambridge.